At the Dream School of the Arts (DSOA), our mission goes beyond traditional K-12 education. We serve the whole person by focusing on three pillars which we believe are essential to the development of young minds: ArtsEnrichment, Healthy Living and Academic Support.

Located in Normal Heights, San Diego, CA, DSOA is a place for kids to become enriched in the arts, grow in health and excel in the academics. More than an after-school program, DSOA provides academic support and tutoring, first-hand expert guidance for healthy living, and immersive exposure to visual, literary, and musical arts. Our after-school enrichment programs serve students from the 4th through 5th grade and works to create a nurturing and inclusive community which will allow each student to develop and pursue their dreams in a safe and positive environment. Email  for more information.


Arts Enrichment

Kids playing guitar

At DSOA, we recognize the power of the arts to creatively give tools of self-expression, and promote both personal and community growth. Utilizing our dynamic Arts Enrichment program, students will have the opportunity to explore various artistic disciplines such as Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Music. Our hands-on instruction allows students to understand the history of art  and invites them to be an active participant  in the future of the arts. Accomplished artists share their expertise to help DSOA students discover new passions and refine their skills. Arts Enrichment  represents a main focus of the Dream School’s plan as we recognize the dramatic impact it can have on increasing confidence, aptitude, and empathy.

Healthy Living

kids running

We believe that healthy living is at the foundation of preparation for our students’ success. That is why we prioritize the holistic well-being of our students by promoting healthy minds and bodies. 

Physical fitness is encouraged through fun, goal-oriented and engaging activities that teach active lifestyles, teamwork and self-confidence. We help students to recognize the importance of good nutrition as fuel and medicine for their body and mind. Additionally, we not only provide nutritious after school snacks but also teach students how to prepare healthy food which will allow them to perform at their best. Through various disciplines like yoga, running, hiking, or team sports, DSOA hopes to inspire a lifelong love of physical wellness.

 But we don’t stop there. The Dream School of the Arts prioritizes mental wellbeing alongside the physical and we offer resources such as directed workshops, exercises for calming, guidance on coping, and social skills that support their total well-being. We hope to bring mental health awareness to our students so that we can prepare them for whatever life brings.

Academic Support

one-on-one tutoring

Dream School of the Arts understands the role of academic success in a student’s life. A child’s mind is constantly taking in information and processing it - kids are ALWAYS learning. We provide personalized, patient, and encouraging academic support services to ensure that each student understands what they are learning and help them to turn that knowledge into usable skills both in and out of the classroom. Our experienced tutors offer personalized sessions, targeting specific areas of improvement, aimed to work in partnership with the K-12 curriculum. DSOA fosters positive relationships between students and tutors, to comfortably bridge gaps in understanding and meet the unique needs of each student.


KENTON REAVES HUNDLEY is an inspirational, creative, and passionate educator who’s worked with young people for years to empower them with the expectation of success, compassion, and the cultivation of faith. He has created deep and constantly evolving partnerships with a diverse array of community leaders including clergy, activists, athletes, artists, and educators throughout the San Diego region. For nearly 15 years he lent his expertise to curriculum design and supervision of the day-to-day instruction for unaccompanied minors from multiple educational and cultural backgrounds.

Kenton holds a strong belief that all children, adolescents, and young adults have the capacity to learn through collaboration, leadership development, and honest discussion and partnerships in safe spaces where all those present find themselves willing to learn, share, and grow.

As an artist, Kenton has won many awards for his socially conscious, hip hop and jazz-influenced poetry. He has been a guest lecturer/featured poet at San Diego State University, UCSD, USD, Miramar College, SD City College as well as at local schools. He’s a part of the Via International Global Education Team where he shares his Say It! Spray It! Speak Up. Be Heard. spoken word workshop for community activists.


CINDY TRUONG works closely with Kenton Hundley to create and bring the vision of the Dream School alive for children to pursue their passion in the arts, fitness, and academics. 

As a first-generation college graduate, Cindy completed her education at San Diego State University (SDSU) with a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development and a Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Counseling. Throughout this educational journey, Cindy also focused on early childhood transdisciplinary education and mental health as well as emphasizing trauma-informed care and restorative justice. 

Cindy has experience in supporting children academically, spiritually, and emotionally during her time working in the church, early childhood centers, private schools, and public schools. With this opportunity at the Dream School, Cindy hopes to give back to her community to provide a safe space for children and families to thrive in many aspects of their lives. 


JASON TUCKER is the Sr. Director of Stewardship and Development for First United Methodist Church of San Diego. In his early career he served as a music educator in traditional public schools, as well as a teacher and administrator for several online alternative charter schools. After his education career, Jason has been a successful fundraiser for nearly 10 years in both religious organizations and secular youth service nonprofits.

MARIA SILVA is the Sr. Program Officer for Asylum and Protection at the International Rescue Committee. Prior to her current role, Maria worked at the University of San Diego where she served as the Director of Community Partnerships for four years and before that Maria was the Assistant Director for Community Engagement. Maria has worked closely with students and families in the San Diego/Tijuana region, specifically working to ease the burden of navigating systems for DACA recipients and easing the transition for newly arriving immigrant youth and families in California and Arizona.

ISMAEL AVILEZ is the Support Services Coordinator at Casa Cornelia Law Center. Prior to his position there, he worked for nearly two decades as Program Director for Southwest Key Programs. In this capacity he ensured that the needs were met for Unaccompanied Minors, children and youth apprehended at the U.S. Border without proper documentation. Ismael has shown over the years that he is dedicated to making the world a better place through education. Ismael’s thirst for justice in the world lies solidly in his pursuit of historical and cultural competence to the communities in which he serves.

DENISE VICK is the Director of the Children’s Growing Center, a preschool/kindergarten located in the heart of San Diego, where she has worked since 1997. Denise has known her entire life that she’s wanted to work with children in some capacity. She finds pride and joy, each day seeing them grow and develop. She loves her role as a partner with the parents, teachers, and children, striving to create a nurturing, supportive community, and give all children the best start in life.