creativity for Everyone

At DSOA, we believe in the transformative power of the arts. We are dedicated to fostering creativity, inspiring new ideas, encouraging talent, and promoting cultural growth within our community. Through our various arts programs, we aim to inspire, educate, and engage individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Performing Arts

singing children

Step into the spotlight and let your talent shine through our Performing Arts program!

We don’t expect each student to arrive with a passion for performance, but the ability to stand and deliver is more than a way to get a message out. It is also a skill that will propel students through school, career, and their entire lives. Our diverse team of experienced instructors partner with professionals to guide our young learners through a wide range of performance styles, to develop new skills, gain confidence, and cultivate a unique artistic voice. Whether it’s theater, dance, spoken word poetry, or storytelling, Dream School of the Arts encourages children to find their voice and share their stories.

Visual Arts

children painting

Unleash your imagination and express yourself through our Visual Arts programs.

From painting and drawing to sculpting and mixed media, we offer a diverse array of artforms for students to explore. With less emphasize on the arts in the traditional academic curriculum, we are dedicated to providing a window into the different techniques, media, styles, and movements that have come before and inviting them to be a part of what comes next. Through painting, drawing, mosaics or upcycling, our hope is to allow each student to discover their artistic style and visual language.


girls playing guitar

Join us on a journey of musical exploration and personal growth.

At Dream School of the Arts, we believe that music has the power to transcend barriers, inspire change, and build bridges within our community. Music is a language to learn just like any other. We will learn the history and building blocks of music, with a goal for students to make music of their own! DSOA strives to ignite a lifelong love for music in all its forms.